Export Market Access Services

Market research & analysis

Before taking the first step, our market research & analysis service helps company leaders get the right information to make an informed decision.  Our analysis gives reliable data to develop the company’s business plans.

The market analysis contains:

  • market size, characteristics, and trends
  • competitors and competitive products
  • identify entry barriers
  • necessary permits
  • law and tax rules
  • relevant background information about the country

We provide our customer with detailed and specific market research. For a detailed offer please get in contact with our customer service.

Feasibility studies or business plans

Our business plan service assists businesses to success thereby helping to highlight and consider the entry conditions and barriers, discover all the opportunities and threats, clarify business processes and necessary resources required. The business plan or feasibility study is essential to find and secure financing, managing the business and financial risks.

Business plan

  • Market analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Financial analysis

Organizational Development

Successful export requires appropriate teams along with the right plans. We will assist you in the preparation of the appropriate team and / or organization.

 Partner Management Services

Partner searching and verification

Business Partner searching & verification services help to find local partners and undertake the potential partner’s background checks.

We have professional local lawyers and accountants which can help to set up and operate the company locally.

Sales and negotiation consultancy, delegation hospitality

We have decades of experience in negotiation with African businessman and governmental officials.

We help our clients to make the most benefit from their negotiation. We give advice to their presentation and negotiation, translate, organize and cater the delegation stay

 Project and facility management services

Our project management experts manage and control our clients’ projects on site.

We have extensive financial experience in projects funded by governmental, banking and international organizations.

New factory set up

NPG Consulting  provide services for handing over fully functional factory and production facilities.

Initial assessment

  • Assess the customer requirements
  • Assess equipment and technological needs

Technical and technology expertise

  • Industrial project management
  • Factory planing and layout
  • Supply-chain planning
  • Machine Procurement Management
  • Construction supervision
  • Management of industrial equipment installation
  • Ramp up to production and hand over
  • Maintanance and sustainability programs
  • Financial management
  • HR management and employee training

Facility and production managment

  • Managing the production
  • Stock managment
  • Maintanence and spare part managment
  • Supply-chain managment

Project quality assurance

Quality assurance is preventing mistakes and defects in projects or manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers It also fulfills all quality management, system and process requirements. Our experts prepare the quality assurance plan and supervise the compliance thereof.